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3 Tips for the Strategic Use of Audio in Social Media

According to an analysis conducted by The Content Factory, the average organization spends between $200 and $350 per day on social media marketing. That equates to $6,000 to $10,500 per month or $72,000 to $126,000 per year.

At this very moment, there are 4.48 billion people worldwide who are liking, pinning, following, tweeting, commenting, connecting, and sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and other, lesser-traveled social media sites. Businesses can and should use these platforms to target prospective clients, generate qualified leads, move prospects through sales and marketing pipelines, convert leads to sales, and increase revenue.

Data from Deloitte’s CMO Survey reveals that companies allocate, on average, about 13 percent of their marketing budgets to social media. To break it down into dollar spends, if your annual marketing budget is $350,000, that would work out to $45,500 per year spent on social advertising.

While your company is likely to already be taking advantage of social media, you can take your brand messaging to a new level through the strategic use of music, sound and audio. The fact that you can instantly recognize audio logos when you hear them (think NBC, Nationwide, McDonald’s, Intel) should tell you everything you need to know about the power of audio and sound in advertising and why you need to harness their incredible ability make your brand more memorable to consumers.

In this article, we’re going to focus on 3 tips for the strategic use of audio in social media.

1. Incorporate Sonic Branding into Facebook Videos

Facebook (soon to be known as Meta) is the biggest social network worldwide, with 2.89 billion active users. And, currently, Facebook Stories boasts an impressive 300 million daily active users, so it is worth incorporating Facebook into any marketing plan, provided that the relevant audience for the brand is active on the social platform.

But Facebook’s ever-increasing usage brings increased competition to reach audiences. How can you cut through this overcrowded marketing space? Differentiate your brand through music, sound and audio, beginning with a unique sonic identifier (otherwise known as a sonic brand (a/k/a audio brand, sound brand, audio logo, sonic logo, and sound logo) and later pairing it with appropriate music and other audio elements.

2. Create Animated Sound Logos for YouTube Videos

Almost 5 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube. And eight out of ten people aged 18 to 49 watch videos on the platform monthly. Because people frequently let videos run in the background as they tackle other tasks, there are plenty of opportunities for the application of sonic branding on YouTube. To reinforce your brand and commit it to the consumer’s memory, your brand's sonic logo should be the very first and last thing viewers hear.

3. Blend Brand Music into Instagram Reels

Although Instagram has traditionally been a visual medium, there is opportunity for you to experiment with audio on the platform. Post videos to your feed that feature your sonic logo, and consider creating voiceovers for reels.

If you don’t have a sonic logo, now would be a good time to begin working with an agency like ChromeOrange Media that can custom create one for your brand.

And since business accounts can’t use copyrighted music without a license from the owner, and production music (“stock” music) from music libraries will not be licensed exclusively to you, you should consider investing in custom-composed and produced music that will pair perfectly with your sonic logo. The easiest way to accomplish this is to work with a sonic branding agency that can tap into high-quality sources of it.

ChromeOrange Media’s sister company, ChromeOrange Music, maintains a sizeable catalog of original musical compositions and recordings created by a roster of composers and producers whose music has been licensed worldwide for use in movies, television programming, television advertising, promotional videos, and other synchronization applications. They can custom compose and record music that fits your brand and complements your sonic logo.

For more information about sonic branding and the application of sound and music in brand messaging and customer experience, visit our sonic branding page or email us at


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