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The Secret Power of Sound

22 Sonic Branding Insights for 2022

The ChromeOrange Media Sonic Branding Squad reveals 22 insights for the strategic use of sound in branding, marketing, advertising, brand activations, customer experience, and more, in 2022 and beyond. 

Marketing and branding have long been visual in nature.  Every brand manager knows what their brand's logo looks like.  Every marketer is familiar with their brand's textual messaging.  


But what about sound?

Sound is one of the most underutilized—or at least overlooked—brand differentiators. 

Yet, research has shown that sound can enhance brand recall by as much as 96%. 

Sound is not only underutilized—and overlooked—it's also underrated.  For many content creators, sound just fills up the emptiness—like an umbrella in an umbrella stand. 

But in 2022, it's time for marketers to seriously consider not just how their brands look and feel—not just how their content reads, but what their brand messaging sounds like.  

In a world where audio is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool, the strategic use of sound could prove beneficial for brand marketers who are willing to allocate resources for an audio brand strategy.

Despite an initial falloff due to the pandemic, adspend in 2022 - 2024 is expected to grow well past original 2021 predictions.  Social adspend is also expected to reach record-breaking highs in 2022, overtaking television.  It will account for more than one-quarter of all advertising, followed by paid search and television.

Moreover, social platforms are embracing commerce and are developing new, advanced interactions between brands and consumers.    

What this means is that marketers and brand managers must work that much harder to make their brands stand out.  They must make differentiation a priority. 


One of the best ways to do that?  Sound.

Read more about differentiation and 22 sonic branding insights in our new eBook, 

The Secret Power of Sound: 22 Sonic Branding Insights for 2022.

Learn more about sonic branding by visiting our Sonic Branding page. 

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