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How We Work

Phase 1 - The Brand Audit

Image of branding

The ChromeOrange Media team analyzes every aspect of your brand:  identity, image, positioning, storytelling and assets your brand's "ecosystem." 

In this phase, we're looking for alignment of brand assets as well as missed opportunities for building brand identity, recognition, awareness and memorability.

Our goal is to make your brand a customer experience across all touchpoints. One of the ways we achieve that goal is through sonic branding the strategic use of sound and musical elements as unique brand identifiers to reinforce brand remembrance.

Phase 2 - Refining the Brand Vision

We're going to ask a lot of questions, including:

  • What is your company's vision for your brand? 

  • What are your brand's most powerful differentiators?

  • How well do your brand assets differentiate you?

  • Are there any missed opportunities for increased brand awareness and recognition? 

  • What are your long- and short-range goals? 

  • Are there any untapped market segments you want to reach?  

  • How do you want your brand to be perceived relative to the competition?

Image of brand audit

Phase 3 - Competitive Analysis

Image of branding

In this phase, we develop a comprehensive analysis of your competitors and evaluate their strategies to determine strengths and weaknesses relative to your brand. A competitive analysis often includes a SWOT analysis to help us define a competitive marketing plan.

Of primary importance will be an experience analysis.  How well do your competitors deliver the kind of experience you want your brand to deliver? Are your competitors interacting with consumers at all touchpoints? More importantly, are they creating emotional touchpoints? 

And what can we add to your portfolio of brand assets that will increase your brand's competitive advantage?

Phase 4 - Brand Strategy

A well-defined and executed brand strategy leads to a consistent brand message that:

  • supports the brand's intended market position

  • encourages a strong emotional connection with consumers

  • creates higher brand equity

ChromeOrange Media works with clients to think critically and with clarity about the competitive landscape, their brand's market position (as well as that of all major competitors) and the experience customers expect the brand to deliver.


This information is critical to the development of precision marketing strategies and tactics and to the fine-tuning of brand messaging for maximum differentiation and positioning. The goal, of course, is to gain customers' unwavering brand loyalty.

Image of Brand Strategy Creation

Phase 5 - Development & Implementation

Branding word cloud

Over time, unique sounds combined with the right visuals and messaging across all touchpoints can increase consumer recall of your brand and can differentiate it from competing brands.  

Over time, the consistent and constant use of your brand's unique sonic, visual and textual assets will evoke emotion in consumers and will help your brand earn customer trust and loyalty. (We humans always gravitate toward that which is familiar to us.)

For certain, if your competitors have implemented their own sonic brand and audio strategy, it's time for you to think seriously about why you haven't.


Find out today what sonic branding and an audio UX can do for your brand!

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