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The Webinette   Series


No time to attend an hour-long webinar? No problem! Watch these one-minute webinettes—excerpts

from our Brands Like Hit Songs™ masterclass—to learn about sonic branding,

sonic brand storytelling, and audio brand strategy. 

The information you need in tiny, bite-sized chunks! 

Sonic Branding is a Foundation.jpg

The Sonic Brand is a
Branding Foundation

meaningful connections.jpg

Custom-Branded Sound Creates Meaningful Connections with Consumers

Sound_Vehicle for Perception.jpg

Sound:  A Vehicle for
Behavior & Perception

Effect of Music on Brands.jpg

Music's Effect on Consumers

Sound linked to memory.jpg

Sound is Scientifically Linked
to Memory

Consumer perception.jpg

Music Affects Consumer Perception

The Mood Board.jpg

The Mood Board

custom-composed musical idents

Custom-Composed Musical Idents

Brand audit

The Brand Audit - Part 3

Musical Idents Part 2

Musical Idents - Part 2

Turning songs into jingles part 1

Turning Songs Into Jingles
Part 1

Sonic Brands are Like Hit Songs.jpg

Sonic Brands Are
Like Hit Songs

Sonic Brand Goals.jpg

Sonic Brand Goals

Sound for B2B Brands.jpg

Sound for B2B Brands

Branding Top CMO Concern.jpg

Branding is CMOs'
Top Concern

sound influences perception.jpg

Sound Influences Perception
& Meaning

Brands Evoke Emotions.jpg

Brands Evoke Emotions

Brand Audit 1.jpg

The Brand Audit - Part 1

consumer expectations

Use Sound to Align Brand Perception with Consumer Expectations

Commitment to Sound is Key

Commitment is Key

Relationship Between Visual and Sonic Brand Assets

 Relationship Between Visual and Sonic Brand Assets

Sonic Brand is Heart of Brand DNA

The Sonic Brand is the Heart
of Brand DNA

More webinettes

coming soon!

Brand Sound What the Research Shows.jpg

Brand Sound: What the Research Shows

brand storytelling.jpg

Sonic Branding: A Powerful Brand Storytelling Tool

Strategic Use of Sound.jpg

The Strategic Use of Sound

Sound in the buyer Journey.jpg

Sound Influences Buyers

Sound Connects Brands to Emotions.jpg

Sound Connects the Brand
to Emotions

Mood board.jpg

Sound Affects Mood

It Starts with the Audio Logo.jpg

It Starts With the Audio Logo

Licensing hit songs

Turning Songs Into Jingles 
Part 2

Music and sound evoke emotion

Music and Sound Change Consumer Behavior

Brand audit part 2

The Brand Audit - Part 2

Musical Idents Part 1

Musical Idents - Part 1

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