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Deliver a total customer sensory
brand experience. 

Close to 79% of people recognize
brands by their sound.

Sound: The New Brand Messaging Superpower

Logos, colors, and other imagery are standard markers of brand identity. But humans perceive sound faster than they see, taste, smell, or touch. This physiological reality means the next big memorable campaign might sound more memorable than it looks. Here at ChromeOrange Media, we call it The New Brand Superpower.


Sonic brands get inside the consumer's mind and trigger emotion and brand recall. The audio logo (a/k/a sonic logo), the heart of the sonic brand and an essential first step in sonic brand storytelling, is a signature piece of sound that identifies the brand and is easy to remember (think NBC, Intel, Netflix). 

Used cross-platform, the sonic logo is the most powerful way to build enduring brand recognition and differentiation. In fact, music and sound evoke a spectrum of emotions. 

Emotions enhance memory.*



* Source:  Pfizer

  When you hear a signature sound, your brain creates an image,
puts the sound in context,
and makes it very personal.

Stacey Lynn Schulman

Marketplace Intelligence Lead for The Myers Report 

The Sonic Brand:
The Cornerstone Of
The Brand Story

The sonic brand isn't just an audio moniker. Rather, it's the cornerstone of the brand storypart of a storytelling trio with the visual logo and brand messaging. 


Sound is personal. And because it's stored in echoic memory (as opposed to visuals' storage in the shorter iconic memory), sound gets into our human brains and stays there.


Sound goes deep into the areas of the brain

where emotions live.


Creating an emotional tie to a brand is the ideal form of customer personalization. That's because sound resonates with customers per their perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, preferences,  expectations, and, yes... emotions.


Sound is therefore a deeply individual experiencethe very definition of personalization. That's why it creates an enduring connection between the brand and its customers. The right brand sound makes personalization and connection an easier win. When you hear a brand's signature sound, your brain creates an image, puts the sound in context, and makes it very personal. 

studio mic orange 2

71% of consumers expect companies to deliver

personalized brand

interactions, and 76%

become frustrated when

that doesn't happen.* 


73% of consumers say that customer experience is a deciding factor when making purchasing decisions.



25 Must-Know Customer Experience  Statistics [2023]

Positive Customer Experience
The customer experience
is the next competitive battleground.

Jerry Gregoire

Owner, Redbird Flight Simulations

Turn Interest Into Engagement Across Every
Touchpoint & Channel

Well-developed sonic brands are scalable and are easily revised, adapted, and expanded as a brand grows, strategizes new product roll-outs, and aims to capture new market segments.

Your sonic brand will become the heart of your sonic brand storytelling to:

  • Reinforce brand identity

  • Boost recall

  • Deliver engaging brand interactions and activations

  • Ensure a consistent, highly engaging customer experience

Throughout all stages of the buyer's journey, the experiences customers will have with your brand will feel personal to them. The benefit of that? After a positive customer experience with a brand, 72% of customers will share their experience with 6 or more people.* 


In other words...


Out of 100 customers who have a positive

experience with your brand, 72 of them would

tell 432 other people about it.


* Source:  Zippia

Music activates different areas of

the brain... responsible for memory, attention, and emotion recognition.

Rebekah Pierce

Life Skills Advocate

Leverage The Power of Sound: Make Your Brand as
Memorable as a Hit Song

ChromeOrange Media's Sonic Brandmasters have 30+ years of experience in songwriting, music composition, record production, audio recording and editing, music video production, jingle writing, theme songs, and production music for film television, video, radio, broadcast commercials, music for call-on-hold, brand go-to-market and demand-generation campaigns.


In fact, they often produce "hit records" for brands that incorporate the brand's sonic logo. 

Part of the audio brand strategy our Sonic Brandmasters will develop for your brand—regardless of whether it's B2C, B2B or B2B2C—will be a playlist of custom original music, carefully and thoughtfully produced in our ChromeOrange Studios, to complement your sonic brand storytelling


Variations on the theme are also created to suit a variety of corporate applications, including trade shows, executive town halls, sales conferences, webcasts, podcasts, training videos, new product roll-outs, annual company conventions, and more.

The right sonic identifier can make your brand as
recognizableas a hit song.
The ChromeOrange Media
Sonic Brandmasters
Sonic Brand Storytelling_edited_edited.jpg
Music is a world within
itself, with a language
we all understand.

Stevie Wonder

Music and Sound:
The "Universal Language"

Our modern, Internet-driven world is border agnostic. So, whether you’re in the United States, the U.K., South America, Africa or Australia (or anywhere else in this world), if you have access to social media, YouTube, internet television and radio, and streaming services, you and your international neighbors have in common highly recognizable sonic brands to which you've been exposed.


And all of you understand the brand values, promises and persona that those sonic identities represent. It doesn't matter if you understand the narration. The music and sounds you hear tell you the whole story.


And you understand it. That's because music and sound speak a universal language that can instantaneously carry brand messaging around the globe. No words are required. Language barriers don't exist, so the message is abundantly clear to everyone.


Want to know more about what the strategic use of sound can do for your brand messaging?  You know what to do! 


Discover additional resources on our Media page.
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