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Brands Like Hit Songs

Brands Like Hit Songs

A Free Masterclass on Using Sound to Build Your Brand

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

2:00pm EST

Susan Gaide

Presented by Susan Gaide, 
President & Chief Brand Strategist
for ChromeOrange Media

Susan Gaide is a brand and marketing strategist with 39 years of experience developing sonic brands and audio brand strategies to grow and scale B2C and B2B brands.  She is a former marketing and branding executive for firms that have represented Sony Electronics, Harman International, Fostex, Fairlight and SRS Labs.  She teaches entertainment brand campaign development online at West Virginia University's Reed College of Media.  

In this free masterclass we will cover

What is sonic branding 2.jpg
96 percent brand recall 2.jpg
sound is powerful memory trigger 2.jpg

What sonic branding is

You will learn what sonic branding is and how it fits into an audio brand strategy and an audio user experience. 

The power of sonic branding

The power of music, sound and audio to boost brand recall by 96%, drive conversion and increase repeat purchase by 39%. 

How to harness the power of sonic branding for your brand

How you can harness the power of sonic branding to increase sales and hoist your brand to the top of the league.

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