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Tell a unique, memorable brand story.

Hearing's share in brand
building is 41%.


 Brands must

consider sound as

a core component

of their brand


Max De Lucia

The Branding Journal

Tell a Truly Unique Brand Story Through Sound

Everything we perceive with our ears affects every other perception and conscious thought. Sound gets in so fast that it modifies all other input and sets the stage for it.* That's why the sound you pair with visuals and brand messaging is a much bigger deal than you may have ever thought it was.


If you're using cookie-cutter stock sound and music, you're killing your ability to tell your brand story in a truly unique, memorable way. 


Sonic brand storytelling uses custom-designed sound that echoes brand voice, values, and personality. It amplifies brand messaging and differentiates the brand on an emotional level.

Sound drives emotions. That’s why it's a powerful way to create a more memorable, enduring brand story.

*Seth Horowitz, Author of The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind

Achieve Meaningful Brand Differentiation Through
Sonic Brand Storytelling

Our Sonic Brandmasters   specialize in the articulation of brand uniqueness through sound. They create sonic brand assets that connect brand value with customer expectations, preferences, and emotions.

Our Sonic Brandmasters also have expertise in graphic design, brand messaging, multimedia production, consumer behavior, and business strategy, so they bring to every sonic brand storytelling project a 360-degree view of brands and their customers. 

Schedule a complimentary phone conference with the Sonic Brandmasters to learn more about the strategic use of sound to build a stronger brand.


flaming guitar

Sound gives you

sensory input that

is not limited by

field of vision.

Seth Horowitz

Author of The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind


Melody, harmony, and

rhythm create connection points to current or past experiences and emotions.


The ChromeOrange Media
Sonic Brandmasters

Use Sound to Ignite Customer Emotions 

If you're looking for a way to tell a more memorable brand story and build a stronger brand, we can help you leverage the immense power of sound to ignite customer emotions. Sound is so powerful that ads with brand-fit sound elicit a higher emotional response, attention level, brand attitude, and purchase intent than those without sound.*


In fact, Leicester University has found that brands with music that fit their brand identity are 96% more likely to be recalled than those with non-fitting music.**

And what about silence? It causes consumer discomfort.*** 


 * According to SEHD Communications

 ** CMO Alliance

*** Journal of Business Research

Sound from media increases immersion of the
audience in the story, adding credibility
to the narration.

Use Sound to Create  Engaging, Memorable Customer Experiences 

Used strategically over time, sonic brand storytelling can make your brand instantly recognizable and can help you deliver highly engaging, enduringly memorable customer experiences and activations. 

Delivered consistently, the right brand

sound can boost brand recall by 96%.*


Our Sonic Brandmasters will take into consideration your brand's existing visuals, brand messaging, target audience, and market position when developing sonic brand storytelling for your brand. The goal is to integrate your unique brand sound into brand narratives and activations to engage customers throughout the customer journey.


* Source:  BrandMind

mic in piano

Sound gets routed quickly to precortical areas of the brain that are not part of the wiring for conscious thinking. These are the places where emotions are generated.


Seth Horowitz

Author of The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind

Brands Like Hit Songs

Half of the storytelling

ability is sound.


Joe Herrington


Principal Media Designer for Walt Disney Imagineering

Our Mission 

We're dedicated to empowering better brand experiences through the strategic use of sound. We help clients craft impactful sonic brand stories and deliver brand experiences that captivate, engage, and inspire customersresonating deeply with them to drive enduring, meaningful connections across the full spectrum of customer touchpoints.

Our Core Values


Be a trusted partner who works collaboratively with you—with honesty, authenticity, and transparency—to help you achieve enduring brand differentiation through sound and forge an emotional connection between your brand and its customers. 



Deliver outstanding sonic brand storytelling, sonic brand assets and customer service.



Hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our promises.

Our Story

Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) fight an uphill battle gain competitive advantage against larger players in their industries. Sonic brand storytelling helps SMB brands amplify brand narratives, differentiate on a more meaningful level, captivate and engage audiences, and drive strategic business outcomes.

Imagine your brand becoming as instantly recognizable as its large-scale competitors, igniting customer emotions along the buying journey. That's the power of sonic brand storytelling. 

But we don't merely create sonic identities. Our competitors do that. We specialize in the strategic use of sound and sonic brand expressions to make every touchpoint a customer experience that feels personal. And, we make it surprisingly affordable.


What's more, unlike our competitors, we practice what we preach. Our own sonic identity serves as our first prospect introduction to what we do. Play the view at right to see what we mean.


And view our explainer video here to experience the sonic brand storytelling we do for ourselvesThen, schedule your complimentary consultation with our Sonic Brandmasters. 

ChromeOrange Media Sonic Branding


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