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Hearing is believing.

Discover how sonic branding can make your brand as recognizable as a hit song 

Achieve a Deeper Level of Brand Differentiation

Because sound is stored in echoic memory, it differentiates 

brands on a deeper level than visuals alone can. As part of a complete audio brand strategy that aligns with brand promises and messaging, a sonic brand has the unbeatable ability to uniquely identify your brand across all consumer and stakeholder touchpoints and boost brand recognition and recall by as much as 96%.

  • Evoke consumer emotions 

  • Enhance consumer experience 

  • Stimulate brand recognition

  • Build consumer trust in the brand

  • Increase repeat purchase by up to 39%.

Is it time for your brand to differentiate on a deeper level?

The sonic assets we'll create for your brand will unify your brand messaging to build brand awareness, recognition, demand, and loyalty.

About Us
hand on piano.jpg

Our Story

ChromeOrange Media

was founded by two music industry executives who saw a need for brands to be matched with memorable brand audio assets as much as they need to be

paired with striking visuals and

impeccably-crafted messages.

Like a rock star with a hit song.

The members of our sonic branding squad have 30 years of experience bringing together marketing, branding, advertising, songwriting, music production and strategic business planning to build and grow companies and brands like yours.

Our Vision

The ChromeOrange Media

Sonic Branding Squad

takes into consideration sound and your brand's existing visuals when we develop an audio brand strategy and create audio brand assets for your brand, particularly sonic brand assets that enable an engaging audio user experience.


Like a hit song,

your brand must be instantly recognizable and memorable from a sonic perspective as much as from messaging and

visual perspectives.

Our Values

The ChromeOrange Media 

Sonic Branding Squad

won't rest until your brand's most

important KPIs are achieved. 


Like a hit song,

every aspect of your brand and every

brand asset has to boost brand recognition and recall, inspire consumer brand loyalty, and encourage repeat purchase.


We go well beyond that with you,

analyzing the customer journey, customer sentiment, and customer empathy so you gain a deeper understanding of your

brand's true market position.

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